Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry – Improve Patient Safety and Staff Morale at the same time

What do you do when you feel like your organisation or teams could be performing better, but are worried about harming morale by pointing out problems?

Does it feel like you have to make a choice between ignoring the issues or increasing the pressure on staff?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple framework which allowed you to improve performance & safety in a way that gave people ownership for the improvements they make, and boost their morale at the same time?

Appreciative Inquiry does exactly that. It is used extensively by both the US and UK military, and challenges the outdated notion that we always learn more from failure than success. It has been adopted widely in the NHS in the West Midlands region, particularly through the Academic Health Science Network.

Walsall Community Healthcare NHS Trust site Appreciative Inquiry as a key aspect of how they achieved an Outstanding rating from the CQC in 2017.

“At its best, Appreciative Inquiry is a serious, deliberate, rigorous research into the root causes of success.”
– David Cooperrider, co-developer of the Appreciative Inquiry concept

Appreciative Inquiry is an immensely practical process which can be incorporated into your work in many ways, ranging from simply changing the way people frame questions and making them more curious and appreciative, to new ways of doing things like team building and strategic planning. It is based on solid scientific evidence from the field of positive psychology, which we will happily share with you! Appreciative Inquiry enables people to adjust the lens through which they view their work and the issues they face, and to be more innovative, creative and collaborative in generating solutions.

Wouldn’t it be better to work in an environment where it became Business As Usual to evaluate your successes, rather than only analysing the failures? Appreciative Inquiry is the toolkit to develop that culture in your organisation. We can help you run Appreciative Inquiry processes and train your people in the skills necessary to sustain an AI mindset in your workplace.


  • 1-day Appreciative Inquiry Summits, facilitated by our team. These are ideal for addressing specific targets/outcomes for particular teams, at both an operational and strategic level
  • 2-day training course in Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry for Managers & Senior Clinicians, enabling them to use AI principles in how they manage their work, teams and people
  • 3-day Facilitators Training – empowering staff in your organisation to run AI summits for themselves, giving you sustainability in embedding AI principles

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