Better Ways of Being with Stress

There is no doubt that working in healthcare today can be stressful! Is it possible to remove that stress? Is stress something that we have to ‘reduce’ or ‘manage’?

Research shows that it is our relationship with stress itself that has a huge impact on how we cope with it and how it affects our behaviour and performance.

This interactive and engaging course will not only introduce participants to the research and theories behind what stress really is and how it affects human performance, but will also give them powerful, evidence-based tools and strategies that will enable them to be better placed to thrive in today’s high stress healthcare environments.

Why you should take this course

  • Learn about the relationship between stress and performance and how using the latest research and coaching tools can help us to not only survive but thrive in high pressure environments
  • Get to know your own stress response and the importance of self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Discuss strategies to deal with negative thinking and harmful self-talk
  • Better understand your stress triggers and values – recognise how these impact on your behaviours
  • Demystify the word ‘resilience’ – and why it doesn’t mean simply “Keep calm and carry on”!
  • Become empowered to use different tools for coping with short term stress and day to day tools to develop our resilience
  • Take away a tool for helping others with stressful situations

What previous attendees have said…

“This course should be offered to all Healthcare professionals working in the NHS.”

“Helped me understand the behaviours of people when stressed.”

“Outstanding – I have been on other ‘Stress Management’ courses before and this has given me a totally different perspective – lots of practical tips!”

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