Case Studies

UCLPartners and North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Through 2018, Medled worked in partnership with UCLPartners to support four NHS trusts in developing internal Human Factors expertise.

Each organisation selected a four-person faculty (with guidance from UCLPartners), who were provided with comprehensive initial training, and follow-up support over a 10 month period – during which time they embarked on various initiatives within their own organisation.

Ben Tipney and Denis Campbell provided the initial training, with Ben facilitating follow-up workshops with each group in collaboration with John Illingworth – Head of Patient Safety at UCLPartners. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work together with UCLPartners on this fantastic project.

One of the organisations involved was North Middlesex University Hospital, and we interviewed their team lead – Dr Vicky Jones, Consultant Paediatrician and Associate Medical Director (Patient Safety), about her experience and the tangible benefits.

What was your experience of attending the Human Factors Development Programme?

“I am part of the UCLPartners Human Factors programme which is led by Ben Tipney from Medled. Throughout the programme I have been impressed by his skills as a trainer. He is an engaging and authentic speaker who provides real life examples from his own experience to illustrate the concepts. He has a broad knowledge of human factors principles drawn from a number of industries but is able to draw conclusions relevant to healthcare. During the course Ben managed a group of 16 people from a variety of professional backgrounds with differing levels of experience and expectations very professionally. He ensured all members were able to participate in discussions and no single person or group dominated the conversation. He had a flexible approach and was able to adapt the course to suit the needs of the group”.

How has the Medled training positively impacted staff and patients in your organisation?

“Following the initial training Ben has provided on-going support to each team. This has been tailored to the needs of that group and built on the principles learnt during the course. With the information we learnt on the course and the continued support our team has achieved a number of significant goals;

We set up a ‘hospital at night’ programme, as well as developed and launched daily cardiac arrest team brief.

Both of these initiatives have already improved the care and safety of our patients and the wellbeing of staff. In particular we have received a lot of feedback from Junior Doctors that the cardiac arrest team brief has significantly reduced stress for them.

We have also used the training to set up a series of educational events for all staff groups to introduce the principles of human factors across the organisation.

We are using the skills we acquired to cascade training via a ‘train the trainer’ model emulating Medled’s model.

Our board have been so impressed with the potential benefits of this programme that they have made ‘embedding human factors principles’ across the organisation as one of our three quality priorities for the next year”.

Vicky and her amazing team at North Middlesex have submitted a poster on their Human Factors work so far to the Health Service Journal which should be on display at the Patient Safety Congress 2019, where Medled will be exhibiting.