Comments from short course participants

“The Team Dynamics Day was absolutely outstanding.  I have had Human Factors training before, but not like this. I really gained a tremendous amount which I certainly will incorporate into my work and even personal life. I would certainly recommend more courses for more doctors” 
Dr Solomon Lebese, Associate Specialist in Anaesthesia, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Trust

“The trainers were very good. I came for the CPD points but found it very well delivered, engaging and useful. Definitely came out more enlightened”.
Dr Shashrut Joweilar, Cardiology Registrar, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“Good experience & examples of healthcare. The presenters really seemed to understand the complex human challenges that we face in healthcare, and have solutions – and inspire solutions”
Kerri Legg, Head of Nursing (Quality & Mortality), Southend University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Fascinating, fantastic – so relevant and helpful. Want to do more training on Human Factors & communication. Thank you so much!”
Grace Jackson, PERRT Nurse, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“Thank you, an excellent two days led by really enthusiastic, knowledgeable, approachable and professional team!”
Joanne Nevett, Clinical Advisor, London Ambulance Service

“Easy to related to my place of work and role. I like the fact that HF is taught in a realistic, practical way with a clear understanding of its context in healthcare.”
Petra Rosier, Head Nurse for Surgery, Southend University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Excellent mix of games/activities and examples to support learning themes. I would say that having a practicing clinician involved in the delivery was an excellent idea”.
Delegate, Western Health & Social Care Trust

“It was very good – excellent balance of styles between the presenters. Great videos, very well structured programme – well thought out.”
Claire Harrison, Divisional Quality & Safety Manager, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Excellent course delivery – training was very engaging and made the day very enjoyable. I found that I in fact learned a few new concepts to use in my day to day practice”.
Dr Ash Davinalingar, Associate Specialist, Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

“Superb delivery of a supremely relevant subject, which should be mandatory training through all realms of healthcare – it has totally inspired me to put into effect much of what has been taught. Really excellent – makes me want to learn more and pas on these nuggets to everyone! So much learnt about self, others, prevention of errors – too much to say – the whole course is highly relevant. Thank you!”
Dr Samantha Anthony, Associate Specialist in Dermatology, West Hertfordshire NHS Trust

 “I really enjoyed today’s training. It is very useful and work related. The most significant point I am taking way is Just Culture and how to create it. I’d like to see this training included for all staff/teams in the trust.”
Delegate, Hounslow & Richmond Community NHS Trust

“Very good, practical, supportive session. Would definitely recommend to others at PAH. Very knowledgeably trainer.”
Clinical Supervisor, Princess Alexandra NHS Trust

 “Ben was very knowledgeable & interesting and his delivery/interaction with the group was very good. Lots of interesting anecdotes & stories to support material.”
Rebecca Piggott, Senior Sister, James Paget NHS Foundation Trust

 “Ben is an excellent trainer & facilitator who is genuine and authentic. His style of delivery is very professional & credible, underpinned by courtesy & respect for the group. The teaching material and presentations were excellent. Ben has a nice sense of humour and is very knowledgeable”.
Christopher Davidson, Board Secretary, Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust, Board Development Session

 “Excellent study day, very informative and relevant to current practice & team dynamics. Brilliant delivery – captured my attention for the whole session!”
Christine Erasmus, Team Leader, North Somerset Community Partnership

“Very informative & has left me thirsty for more! Very relevant to my role – will definitely recommend to others. Will be able to use my increased understanding at work”.
Helen Stevens, Team Leader, North Somerset Community Partnership

“Absolutely fantastic training and speaker, really enjoyed the entire presentation & kept audience captivated. Very interesting & relevant to my work – thoroughly enjoyed all of presentation. Everyone should attend this training!”
Lindsey McClements, Specialist Nurse, Western Health NHS Trust

“This is one of the best courses I have been on. All the material is highly relevant and delivered very well. The course fits in a lot of principles pertinent to my role. It gave me insight into my own behaviours and those of others”.
Dr Ruth Cole, Associate Specialist in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, University Hospital Wales

 “Ben adapted to the needs of the group, allowed time for conversation with very skilled moderation – supporting balance. It helped me understand the potential disconnect between ‘management’ and front-line staff”.
Linda McGranahan, Associate Director for Maternity Services, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

“After being in the NHS for 44 years and a midwife for almost 40 years it felt at last someone knows how staff feel and can offer a plan or plans to cope and act accordingly. Thank you!”
Senior Midwife, James Paget University Hospital

“Very thought provoking. Makes one think out of the box and see things from a different point of view”.
Matt Greenwood, Clinical Service Manager, Hounslow & Richmond Community NHS Trust

“Extremely useful day – Excellent! Ben is a compelling teacher and truly understands how to enhance our ability to improve patient safety, through utilising a whole range of methods/skills/tools. A game changer, would absolutely recommend to others. Thank you Ben!”
Toby Cooper, Head of Midwifery, North Devon District Hospital

An Introduction to Human Factors & Performance Science

I enjoyed the focus on stress, sleep and the importance of self worth. It was a really good reminder of my worth.

Jacqueline Morra, Attendee

“My most valued takeaway from this course was the significance of psychological safety.”

Thomas Whitmarsh, Attendee

“This course showed me how to overcome and manage Human Factors in clinical practice.”

Dr Adeel Anwa, Attendee

“This course reminded me that no two individuals are the same, but everyone is entitled to the same respect and consideration which one expects for one’s self.”

Dr Naila Bint Ihsan, Associate Breast Surgeon, Attendee

“I got a real insight into my own behaviours; and stopping and thinking about other’s perceptions. So useful for anyone who works with or manages people, really inciteful.”

Victoria West, Attendee

“Valuable course and paced well.”

Jeremy Smith, Attendee

“One of the most significant learning points for me in the course was balanced assertiveness and speaking up.”

Liam Lehane, Attendee

“Keep up the great standard of teaching and I support using this type of media (Zoom) for all future courses.”

Paul Johnson, Attendee

“Something really valuable was discussing the difference between assertive and the balance of assertiveness, and how much the way you approach situations can have a greater impact on the outcome. One of my takeaways from this training is the importace of being able to recognise when the appropriate time is to address a situation.”

Laura Wedlock, Attendee

“Very thorough course. The coordinator kept it very much alive with participants input.”

Muhammad Asghar, Attendee

“The most significant learning points for me were the focus on better communications between different parties (to improve active listening skills) and to appreciate the benefits and challenges of diversity in the workplace. It was a very useful course.”

Eiman Khalif, Attendee

“My main takeaway from the course was the importance of mental safety. It was a very useful course, and I’d recommend it!”

Zaman Al-kafaf, Attendee

Clinical Leadership Courses

Excellent workshop. This is one of the very best leadership courses that I’ve attended so far. This course has shown me that leadership is a dynamic characteristic, and how to develop a growth mind set.

Aloka Suwanna Danwaththa Liyanage, Attendee

“Excellent course and very well delivered. I found the concept of Appreciative Inquiry (extracting the learning from adversity) very useful.”

Usha Natarajan, Attendee

“This course showed me how to overcome and manage Human Factors in clinical practice.”

Dr Adeel Anwa, Attendee

“This course reminded me that no two individuals are the same, but everyone is entitled to the same respect and consideration which one expects for one’s self.”

Dr Naila Bint Ihsan, Associate Breast Surgeon, Attendee

“This course has shown me ways to positively support my team, and also was useful for every day relationship with friends and family.”

Dumitru Samian, Attendee

“This course has shown me how to be good leader and manage the medical team effectively.”

Kashif Mahmood Malik, Attendee

“Every individual will need some leadership skills to negotiate with his day to day activity. This course was very useful.”

Syed Haque, Attendee

“Well run and enjoyable course – very helpful to my career.

One of the most significant learning points for me in the course was the greater insight into my abilities as a leader.”

Maxime Gibbons, Attendee

Breaking Bad News Workshop

A very interactive session on the topic, as there was a lot to learn from everyone’s experience. Also well structured.

Dr. Uzair Irshad, Attendee

“A very useful course on how one has to be well prepared for all sorts of scenarios when we break bad news. Highly recommended!”

Stella Isaac, Attendee

“A useful course that shows it’s alright to feel under pressure, and also to be able to say you don’t have all the answers. It’s important to be honest and clear, and to feel for the patient and the relatives.”

Moushumi Somadder, Attendee

“Good course with a focus on understanding a patient’s expectation from their doctor.”

Adeel Anwar, Attendee

“It was a great course, very well presented under COVID-19 circumstances.”

Simina Ioana Feier, Attendee

“A very interactive session with a focus on developing a process for delivering bad news, while still keeping a human touch.”

Rizwan Iqbal, Attendee

“This webinar was very helpful in building an approach to having difficult discussions with patients, especially discussions around unexpected terminal illness.

More courses like this should be offered. It was helpful to realise I was not the only one who struggled with the bad news, and I found it particularly helpful that we worked through the process in a practical manner.”

Adeyinka LAOYE, Attendee

Stress Solutions and Building Resilience

“This course served as a re-emphasis on not panicking when you’re under stress. A cool and calm approach solves majority of the problems:a very useful reminder!

From this course, I’ve learned that when tasks are building up, categorisation of those into easy, not very easy and difficult can really help in prioritising. We also need to frame these tasks under headings of utmost urgent, urgent and non urgent categories. This approach looks quite simple and applicable!”

Subhashis Mukherjee, Attendee

“Thank you for the introduction to the book ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’. I bought it on the following day and read it to my kids!”

Geetha Perera, Attendee

“Thank you for a very interesting, useful and important session! This has highlighted the importance of psychological safety in teams.”

Olivia Donnelly, Attendee

“I really enjoyed this workshop, and I got to know people with similar interests to me and listen to their input, which was really useful.”

Paramita Hota, Attendee

Train the Trainer and Longer Term Development Programs

I attended a one-week Human Factors in healthcare course in February 2018. This was delivered by Ben Tipney as part of a programme by UCLPartners. This programme also offers monthly ongoing support until October 2018. I attended as part of London Ambulance Service NHS Trust group, there were four trusts involved as one cohort on this programme.

During the week of face to face teaching I gained a huge amount of insight into human factors, the basic psychology of the human brain, culture; what that means and ideas on how to influence organisational culture, wellbeing of the workforce and ideas around organisational “buy-in” plus many other concepts.

For me personally Ben put words to feelings and ideas I have held for a long time. This has given me a terminology I can use to further self-directed studies and help me build various training packages for my trust. We are also launching several other initiatives based around concepts taught on the course.

I feel we as an organisation gained a huge amount of insight not only from the content Ben taught but from the shared experience of the rest of the cohort. The contact days where we all get back together have been a brilliant point for sharing of information and ideas, we have built a cross trust partnership with the other trusts involved which is invaluable.

Lisa Shennan, Clinical Education Tutor, London Ambulance Service

The role of Human Factors in optimising performance in high-stress situations and in medical error has always fascinated me. I was fortunate to be one of four senior clinicians from the London Ambulance Service selected to take part in the UCLPartners & Medled Human Factors Programme. The introduction to the programme was a five-day course run by Ben from Medled, covering the underpinning principles of human factors in relation to medicine and patient safety.

Ben clearly has a wealth of knowledge in the subject, drawing from his personal experiences outside of medicine, from well-known and less well-known incidents and from his observations of how clinical teams function. Throughout the course, attendees were encouraged to participate in discussion and share their experiences, making the course relevant for everyone there. Being able to see that other Trusts and other clinicians faced similar challenges was reassuring; the opportunity to share examples of how to improve patient safety though a better understanding of human behaviour was very useful.

Although there was a clear structure to the week, with a number of well-placed and recurrent themes, there was sufficient flexibility in the timetable to allow the discussion and debate to be shaped by the group.

Although for a long time we have included elements of human factors, error prevention and crew resource management in training for select groups of clinical leaders and included concepts in the development of the pit-crew concept for resuscitation, with the support of Medled and UCLPartners, the Trust is now developing a more structured programme that will see both greater embedding of human factors in all clinical teaching, and improved awareness and understanding of human factors in the investigation of near-misses and incidents.

Dr Neil Thompson, Medical Director, London Ambulance Service

I attended a 5 day Human Factors course facilitated by Ben Tipney from Medled and found Ben an excellent and skilled facilitator. He used his background in rowing as a base for facilitation often using personal examples which made learning and reflection more real for the delegates. He is particularly good at facilitating the session on teamwork and effective teams. I also found his practice of summarizing first thing in the morning what lessons the delegates took home the day prior very useful. He has generously loaned me slides and helped develop presentations. Ben is a patient listener and able to use delegates’ experience and thoughts as part of teaching. He is very professional and shows respect to all students irrespective of their age or experience.

Since attending his workshops, I have been able to develop my own interest in managing distractions in clinical practice and implementing barriers to these interruptions.

Dr Wai Yoong, Consultant Obstetrician, North Middlesex NHS Trust

I attended the UCLPartners & Medled Human Factors 5-day programme in February this year. The course was very well planned and delivered. It was well structured, interactive and engaging; always relevant and with good opportunity to learn by participation. There was also a considerable opportunity to contribute to and learn from other participants, many of whom were senior people well established in their roles. The make-up of the group added to the learning opportunity with four teams from different types of organisations at differing stages of development.

Selection to join the course was dependent on having some plans and motivation to taking the learning back into our own organisations. The 5-day training programme provided both the skills and the enthusiasm to do this. Within my own organisation in the few months since completion of the course we have set up a Human Factors Strategy Group and developed a strategy and action plan. We have provided an awareness session to our top 60 clinical and non-clinical leaders, have a session planned with the Board of Directors in July and with the Ward Sister and Matrons in late June and September. In addition, we have submitted a full day training day proposal to the Education team and have 5 full days booked before the end of December to provide training to 100 staff across the Trust.

Alison Glover, Deputy Director for Patient Safety, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I am a senior educator and practising clinician who has overall responsibility for Clinical Education across the Trust. I have found the UCLPartners and Medled five day Human Factors Programme extremely informative. It has highlighted and brought to the forefront within my own mind the importance and very real clandestine elements that affect everyday practice.

‘Migration of boundaries’ and ‘Just culture’ resonated with me for a combination of reasons which has helped me focus my thoughts on how one facilitates another, which in turn, has helped me distil a Human Factors Education Strategy for the Trust.

The programme has helped me crystallise a vision for scope and depth of Human Factors Education to facilitate a shift in organisational culture to ensure staff are working within safer systems. This can only serve to enhance the care we provide our patients within an environment that is ever-changing, extraordinarily complex and increasingly challenging.”

Clinton John, Head of Clinical Education, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Participating in the Human Factors programme run at UCLP with Medled has provided valuable insights and support to enable our organisation to develop our own projects related to Human factors. By working with other organisations and by working with individuals with different viewpoints this programme has help is to develop a more rounded knowledge of how human factors can be integrated throughout our own organisation. Building on the experience from this programme we have rolled out our own human factors training programme throughout our organisation using a variety of methodologies.”

John Kyffin, Simulation Lead, MSB Group