CPD Events

These can be provided as stand-alone events or as part of an ongoing CPD Programme

“Superb delivery of a supremely relevant subject, which should be mandatory training through all realms of healthcare – it has totally inspired me to put into effect much of what has been taught. Really excellent – makes me want to learn more and pas on these nuggets to everyone! So much learnt about self, others, prevention of errors – too much to say – the whole course is highly relevant. Thank you!”
Dr Samantha Anthony, Associate Specialist in Dermatology, West Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Introduction to Performance in Practice (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Understanding the components of consistently high performing organisations, teams and individuals.

Human Factors: Human Performance and non-technical skills (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Exploring how an understanding of human fallibility can improve the non-technical skills necessary to maximise safety.
  • How Systems Thinking can help us to look beyond the simplistic concept of ‘human error’

Human Factors: Incident Investigation (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Using a human factors framework to support root cause analysis, to truly get to the heart of incident causation.

Quality Improvement Methodology (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How quality improvement methodology provides a framework to track and plan performance.

Exploring Safety Culture (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • What does a ‘just culture’ look like? Exploring what it means to have a safety culture and what it means to be a high reliability organisation.

Breaking Bad News (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • This half day face-to-face or 2 hour webinar
  • Highly interactive, solution-focused discussion into this often forgotten subject

Appropriate Assertiveness (1 day, 6 CPD Points)

  • One of the most oft-used buzzwords in healthcare today. What does it mean to be assertive? Is there a time and place?

Managing Difficult Conversations and Conflict Management Skills (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Manage those crucial conversations and constructively deal with inappropriate behaviour.

Clinical Leadership (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Exploring definitions, pit-falls and the attributes of effective leaders.
  • How can SAS Doctors lead more effectively to influence outcomes for their teams and patients

Team Dynamics (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How to ensure that your team performs greater than the sum of its parts, rather than as a collection of skilled individuals.

Time & Task Management (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Is ‘Time Management’ a myth? Looking at the concepts of self and task management.

Giving High Impact Feedback (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Developing effective debriefing skills to ensure that we are continually learning.

Building Relationships (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Establishing trust and the concept of the ‘emotional bank account’.

Presentation Skills (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Delivering an effective presentation with lasting impact.

Interview Skills (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How to prepare effectively and leave a lasting positive impression.

Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring Skills (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Looking at the difference between coaching and mentoring, and comparative skill-sets
  • An introduction to the skill of facilitative coaching, and how these skills can help us to become better clinicians, managers, colleagues and trainers.

Empowering Patients (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How to develop shared decision making between patients and clinicians

Duty of Candour (1 day, 6 CPD points)

“Supporting the duty of candour is vital and there must be high quality educational training packages available”

  • Health Education England, ‘Improving Safety through Education & Training’
  • Understand what the Duty of Candour means in practice

Stress Solutions and Building Resilience (1 day, 6 CPD points).

  • How to help ourselves and colleagues to better manage the inevitable stresses of working in today’s healthcare system and develop strategies to build resilience.

Introduction to Mindfulness (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • What it means to be ‘tuned in’ to ourselves, and the benefits of developing a mindful mindset.

Finding Balance (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Looking at the ‘Wheel of Life’, do we have balance in the different areas that matter to us?

Energy Management (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Do you ever find that your energy is sapped at the end of a day? Looking at how we can manage our energy levels to be more consistent.

Purposeful Living (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Understanding our core values, setting effective goals, and developing a proactive mindset.

Performance Lifestyle (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Lessons from the world of elite sport – how to manage your lifestyle like a high-performance athlete.

Living with Uncertainty (1 hour, 1 CPD point)

  • To manage the current COVID situation we need psychological flexibility tools to help us tolerate feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and even despair at the restrictions to our freedom and ways of living and working. This 60 minute webinar will give you the tools you need to cope with prolonged periods of uncertainty.

Avoiding Burnout (1 hour, 1 CPD point)

  • Whether you are thriving in the fast lane now or feeling overwhelmed, our ‘Avoiding Burnout’ workshop offers some simple but effective ways of avoiding burnout before it is too late.

Mental Health for Managers (1.5 hours, 1.5 CPD points)

  • This training gives line managers a clear understanding of the early warning signs and symptoms of mental ill health, understanding the role of stigma and strengthening the skills to respond effectively as a line manager.

Mental Health Awareness (1.5 hours, 1.5 CPD points)

  • Introducing participants to the topic of mental wellbeing, helping to change workplace stigma. It will build their awareness of the simple things they can do every day to proactively support themselves and colleagues both in and out of the workplace.

Developing Psychological Flexibility (3 x half day sessions, 9 CPD points)

  • Research tells us that we need psychological flexibility to develop and maintain our resilience, enhancing both our wellbeing and work performance. This workshop has been designed to help your teams to respond more effectively under stress, maintain high levels of performance and reduce work burnout and absenteeism.


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