CPD Events

These can be provided as stand-alone events or as part of an ongoing CPD Programme

“Superb delivery of a supremely relevant subject, which should be mandatory training through all realms of healthcare – it has totally inspired me to put into effect much of what has been taught. Really excellent – makes me want to learn more and pas on these nuggets to everyone! So much learnt about self, others, prevention of errors – too much to say – the whole course is highly relevant. Thank you!”
Dr Samantha Anthony, Associate Specialist in Dermatology, West Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Introduction to Performance in Practice (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Understanding the components of consistently high performing organisations, teams and individuals.

Human Factors: Human Performance and non-technical skills (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Exploring how an understanding of human fallibility can improve the non-technical skills necessary to maximise safety.
  • How Systems Thinking can help us to look beyond the simplistic concept of ‘human error’

Human Factors: Incident Investigation (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Using a human factors framework to support root cause analysis, to truly get to the heart of incident causation.

Quality Improvement Methodology (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How quality improvement methodology provides a framework to track and plan performance.

Exploring Safety Culture (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • What does a ‘just culture’ look like? Exploring what it means to have a safety culture and what it means to be a high reliability organisation.

Appropriate Assertiveness (1 day, 6 CPD Points)

  • One of the most oft-used buzzwords in healthcare today. What does it mean to be assertive? Is there a time and place?

Managing Difficult Conversations and Conflict Management Skills (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Manage those crucial conversations and constructively deal with inappropriate behaviour.

Clinical Leadership (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Exploring definitions, pit-falls and the attributes of effective leaders.
  • How can SAS Doctors lead more effectively to influence outcomes for their teams and patients

Team Dynamics (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How to ensure that your team performs greater than the sum of its parts, rather than as a collection of skilled individuals.

Time & Task Management (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Is ‘Time Management’ a myth? Looking at the concepts of self and task management.

Giving High Impact Feedback (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Developing effective debriefing skills to ensure that we are continually learning.

Building Relationships (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Establishing trust and the concept of the ‘emotional bank account’.

Presentation Skills (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Delivering an effective presentation with lasting impact.

Interview Skills (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How to prepare effectively and leave a lasting positive impression.

Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring Skills (2 days, 12 CPD points)

  • Looking at the difference between coaching and mentoring, and comparative skill-sets
  • An introduction to the skill of facilitative coaching, and how these skills can help us to become better clinicians, managers, colleagues and trainers.

Empowering Patients (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • How to develop shared decision making between patients and clinicians

Duty of Candour (1 day, 6 CPD points)

“Supporting the duty of candour is vital and there must be high quality educational training packages available”

  • Health Education England, ‘Improving Safety through Education & Training’
  • Understand what the Duty of Candour means in practice

Stress Solutions and Building Resilience (1 day, 6 CPD points).

  • How to help ourselves and colleagues to better manage the inevitable stresses of working in today’s healthcare system and develop strategies to build resilience.

Introduction to Mindfulness (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • What it means to be ‘tuned in’ to ourselves, and the benefits of developing a mindful mindset.

Finding Balance (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Looking at the ‘Wheel of Life’, do we have balance in the different areas that matter to us?

Energy Management (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Do you ever find that your energy is sapped at the end of a day? Looking at how we can manage our energy levels to be more consistent.

Purposeful Living (0.5 day, 3 CPD points)

  • Understanding our core values, setting effective goals, and developing a proactive mindset.

Performance Lifestyle (1 day, 6 CPD points)

  • Lessons from the world of elite sport – how to manage your lifestyle like a high-performance athlete.

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