Duty of Candour

Clinicians are more effective when they feel safer and have more clarity about how and when Duty of Candour should be triggered. This interactive and engaging course will give clarity about the differences between Professional and Statutory Duty of Candour, when it should be triggered, and how to engage in it confidently using effective techniques to improve communication. This sensitive topic is addressed in an accessible, supportive and interactive way.  

Why you should take this course

  • Learn about research showing that both patient safety, and staff safety and well-being, are enhanced by an openness to acknowledge and learn from mistakes
  • Gain clarity about openness and honesty being the foundations of a Just Culture and how to move away from a Blame Culture.
  • Participants will understand the differences between Statutory and Professional Duty of Candour and will feel more confident about how and when to apply them.  
  • Recognition that an appropriate apology for an error is constructive and that lessons are learnt and that communicating this effectively helps patients/relatives at a difficult time 
  • Utilise Duty of Candour calmly and with confidence.
  • Feel more able to communicate effectively with colleagues particularly at challenging times
  • Become empowered to use essential skills, new information and ways to structure the Duty of Candour process
  • Participants have said that they have gained a better understanding of the topic and felt more confident and reassured about the benefits of the process and how to carry it out. 

“Very clear and informative – helped me to understand not only what ‘Duty of Candour’ is about and how to apply it, but also how to deal with the emotions around communicating in these difficult circumstances”

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