High Performance Roadmaps

We work with you to support the development of your Human Factors Strategy – specifically your educational roadmap to sustaining excellence through Human Factors and Performance Science. This will include;

  • How to develop your own internal faculty
  • Training and supporting Human Factors Champions
  • Developing a highly effective investigations team
  • How to most effectively share safety learning across the organisation
  • Strategies to raise awareness of Human Factors for all staff
  • Ensure staff are educated and empowered to contribute towards improving their systems of work
  • Identifying existing internal experience – is this being effectively utilised?
  • Building on pockets of enthusiasm in your organisation
  • Ensuring future sustainability

This unique 1-day workshop for senior leaders and key stakeholders will introduce the key concepts of Human Factors and High Performance and outline the journey from where you are now to being a leading trust in the integration of HF. The road-map will include;

  • Bespoke Step by Step High Performance Program
  • Improvement time-line
  • Specific outcomes – what change(s) you should see at each point
  • Measurement metrics
  • Investment guidelines – time & financial investment requirement
  • Return on Investment

Ideally this should involve members of the Executive Board, Leads for Patient Safety/Risk & Governance and a cross section of Clinical Leads, Education/Simulation Leads and Departmental Leads.

We start with the unique Medled HPR template, and work with you to develop the map specifically for your organisation – to meet your needs and challenges.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to take away a hugely valuable comprehensive road-map for integrating Human Factors and improving performance across the organisation.

The programme has helped me crystallise a vision for scope and depth of Human Factors Education to facilitate a shift in organisational culture to ensure staff are working within safer systems. This can only serve to enhance the care we provide our patients within an environment that is ever-changing, extraordinarily complex and increasingly challenging.”
Clinton John, Head of Clinical Education, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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