Incident Investigation Training – Lead Investigator (3 days)

  • Healthcare professionals involved in investigating Never Events, Serious Incidents and Near Misses
  • Applicable to all domains of healthcare
  • Will equip participants to lead an investigation, condensed 1-day version available for those who will assist on investigations
  • Core content of Human Factors & Performance Science – understanding human capabilities and limitations
  • Understanding performance and error within complex systems
  • Provides investigators with a diverse range of tools to investigate serious incidents, as well as near misses
  • Understanding a Just Culture – how to identify learning without blame
  • Structures for identifying causational factors
  • How to gather and analyse evidence
  • Conducting interviews – including recognising signs of shock and post-traumatic stress
  • Event mapping
  • Be able to develop appropriate corrective actions
  • How to write an effective investigation report

“Our approach must move away from a culture of blame, to one that accepts that errors do occur and is supportive of staff, where investigations focus on the context in which clinicians are working and not just the individual”
– Quality Care Commission, 2018 (‘Opening the Door to Change’)

“Very thought provoking. Makes one think out of the box and see things from a different point of view”.
Matt Greenwood, Clinical Service Manager, Hounslow & Richmond Community NHS Trust

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