Leadership at all Levels – The Transformational Approach (Multiple options available, from ½ day introduction to full 6 week course)

  • All healthcare professionals
  • Applicable to all healthcare domains
  • Be able to define what Leadership is in a healthcare context
  • Understand what is meant by Leadership at all Levels – is Leadership about position or title?
  • Why is effective Leadership key to high quality care?
  • Understand principles of effective leaders – lessons from across industry boundaries, including NASA research
  • Explore the principles and benefits of Transformational Leadership, and the challenges of developing this approach in a complex environment governed by Transactional Regulation
  • Develop self-awareness of your own natural Leadership style
  • Understand Situational Leadership – how to adapt your style appropriately when needed
  • Tools for effective team and task management
  • How to set people up for success & build a sense of responsibility
  • How to set clear standards & expectations
  • Understand how to motivate and inspire those around you
  • Develop connection skills – communicating with empathic authority
  • Develop emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Develop confidence and competence in operational decision-making
  • Be able to learn from success and failure, and share stories with others
  • Be able to balance confidence and humility
  • Develop a higher level of self-awareness
  • Understanding your natural leadership style and when you need to adapt it
  • Be able to develop an atmosphere of Psychological Safety
  • Understand barriers to performance, and how to remove them

“Really useful & thought provoking – especially in dealing with colleagues with sub-optimal performance”.
Suzy Joslin, Clinical Service Manager, Hounslow & Richmond Community NHS Trust

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