Managing Energy Levels

Do you ever find that your energy is sapped during your working day?  This course delivers practical innovative solutions for healthcare professionals to overcome the difficulties of managing energy levels and maintain good health. This is particularly relevant in today’s challenging and fast changing environment. 

Why you should take this course

  • Whilst the number of hours in the day is fixed, we can manage the quantity and quality of energy available to us with the skills taught 
  • Effective energy management leads to improved performance, enhances the ability to relax and improves the quality of relationships with colleagues and patients 
  • Discover a wealth of helpful information, informed by recent scientific research, to manage your energy levels and explore rapid recovery techniques.
  • Realise that Stress need not be your enemy with new insights to transform Threat into Challenge 
  • Learn strategies to reduce damaging self-talk
  • Understand the impact of quality of sleep on energy levels and how to improve this.
  • Recognise the importance of maintaining a work life balance especially in times of crisis
  • Learn how being self-care enhances the ability to care for others.

What previous attendees have said…

“Thorough, good to take a new approach to a very demanding career.”

“Very useful to all healthcare employees in the current challenges we are facing.”

“Course material was great.”

“Learnt a lot of useful things that can be applied easily in day to day life.”

“Wonderful innovative course, excellent course coordinator.”

“Was surprised about my lack of awareness of these factors and where my energy was going.”

“Good quality information supported by credible sources.”

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