Online Consultations / Clinics and Empowering Patients

The benefits of on-line consultations can be maximised by understanding the skills required to enhance this different medium.  In today’s challenging environment, being able to effectively utilise online consultations,whilst enhancing the quality of the relationship with patients is crucial. Empowering them to take personal responsibility to work together collaboratively improves outcomes. 

Why you should take this course

  • Build greater awareness of pitfalls in on-line consultations/clinics and outlines the skills to overcome them
  • Learn practical techniques to maximise quality of the interaction and to ensure a constructive outcome 
  • Enhance the questioning techniques required to gather all the necessary information to ensure an accurate diagnosis/treatment plan
  • Understand how to build rapport with patients despite lack of physical contact and enabling them to feel safe to ask questions
  • Increase ability to draw relevant information from patients without availability of subtle face-to-face cues
  • Feel more comfortable with communicating remotely and reduce the anxiety of patients in unfamiliar circumstances
  • Enhance ability to empathise using different models, drawing on scientific research
  • Strengthen skills to enhance patient empowerment, including health coaching and self-management education  
  • Develops the ability to share decision making between clinicians and patients

What previous attendees have said…

“Concise and relevant course – helps to view from patients’ perspective.”

“I have learned to use collaborative approach to improve engagement of patients and carers.”

“Learning how to empower patients by awareness of your interactions – Transactional Analysis, Empathy, Truisms.”

“I have learned a lot about how Patient Empowerment works and how it can improve in a clinical setting.”

“How to encourage patients with chronic conditions to take more responsibility in decision making. Good doctor/patient relationship essential.”

“Empowering patients is actually empowering doctors.”

“I found this course very informative. Different ways to empower patients.”

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