Ben Tipney BA (Hons) MAC

Senior Trainer, Team Development Coach and Keynote Speaker

Ben is a former international athlete, competing in several World Championship events with the Great Britain rowing team, whilst completing his degree in Leadership & Sports Psychology at Reading University. The combination of these experiences laid the foundation for Ben’s interest in optimising individual, team and organisational performance, and when forced to retire from competing through injury, Ben turned to coaching and within 4 years had produced National Champion crews and international selections in roles in both the UK and South Africa – culminating in taking the South African Women’s Team in 2010 to their most successful ever World Championships. Ben describes a key realisation in his coaching experience:

“Very often the differentiators between the good crews and the best crews, the good athletes and the best athletes, had nothing to do with rowing. They were almost always the non-technical skills, for example how people managed pressure or how well they worked together as a team”.

This realisation led to a desire to apply the principles of high performing teams to other areas, and after several years of working with corporate and individual clients, Ben became drawn to working with teams in healthcare. Ben has been developing and delivering training and support in Human Factors and Performance Improvement to healthcare organisations since 2013, and founded Medled in 2017 with the desire to broaden the scope of practice and bring together a diverse team with complementary skills. He still actively delivers training, support and coaching, as well as growing and developing the Medled team.

Outside of work, Ben’s passions include fishing, rugby, travelling and anything that involves being outside in nature.