Garin Underwood BSC (Hons), PGCE

Specialist Trainer – Trainer Skills & Human Performance

Garin is a former teacher and a current airline pilot with 14000 hours experience on Boeing and Airbus aircraft, and a professional interest in the development of high performance training models to support evidence-based training initiatives in aviation. Garin has delivered trainer education programmes and consultancy services to Virgin Atlantic and Hong Kong Airlines. Close connections to the education profession, UK Sport, the Fire Service and the medical profession is expanding the potential of his work through cross industry collaboration.
He draws extensively on best practice and research in the pedagogical and performance sciences, working closely with leaders and innovators in these fields. This includes a project on ‘performance under pressure’ for pilots, in association with the US based neuroscience company ‘Senselabs’, exploring the potential of technology based solutions.
Garin’s professional life started as a lecturer in Physical Education at Exeter College, after graduating from Loughborough University in 1989 with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science, and PGCE (Cert Ed). In 1995 he changed careers to flying, working initially with British Midland and now with Virgin Atlantic as a Senior Training FO and SME, based at London Heathrow on the Airbus 330/340 fleet.