Mr Rob Bethune MA(hons), MBBS(hons), MSc, FRCS

Clinical Advisor and Specialist Trainer – Quality Improvement

Rob brings a wealth of clinical expertise to the team, being a Colo-Rectal Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, and a key figure in improving the delivery of health care services in the South West region.

After spending a year as a surgeon in a rural mission hospital in Zambia he took time out of his surgical training to work as a manager at the South West Strategic Health Authority. During this year he worked on a 17-hospital quality improvement and safety collaborative, improving the standards of peri-operative care. He continues this role with the South West Academic Health Science Network, where he set up a region wide quality improvement and patient safety collaborative and continues to support this as a clinical advisor.

He is also involved in developing the non-technical skills (human factors) of trainee surgeons as well as his colleagues; after publishing his master’s thesis on pre-operative briefings and debriefings. He was on the UK Department of Health Human Factors steering group and has published widely on patient safety, human factors and quality improvement.