Dr. Samantha Machen MNurSci, MSc, PhD

Safety Culture Specialist

Sam completed an undergraduate Masters of Nursing Science (MNurSci) degree at the University of Nottingham before working as a qualified intensive care nurse at the East Midlands Major Trauma Centre in Nottingham. She later completed a MSc at the London School of Economics and Political Science in International Health Policy and worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a health economist.

She was awarded a Health Foundation Improvement Science fellowship to complete her PhD at University College London. Her PhD is rooted in medical anthropology and medical sociology and explored the role of professional and organisational cultures in the governance of medication safety. Sam has presented her research across the U.K. and worldwide and is a contributor to multiple peer-reviewed journals on patient safety, culture, and research methods. She currently works within the NHS in patient safety and improvement and is involved in teaching, consulting, and leading culture assessments at multiple different levels of an organisation to assess the impact on safety, performance, and outcomes.