Teresa Swinton

Specialist in Incident Investigation Training

Teresa has spent the majority of her career in high risk industries such as Construction, Rail, HV Distribution and Power (including nuclear) Generation.

As well as being Founder and Director of one of Strategic Partners, Paradigm Human Performance, Teresa provides decades of experience in incident investigation training, and has developed an innovative investigation model in collaboration with Cardiff University.

Teresa truly understands people, organisations and the challenges of leadership. Not only is she eminently qualified in her subject matter areas of Human Performance, Incident Investigation, Occupational Health & Safety, Behavioural Safety, Executive, Small Business & Personal Development Coaching and Leadership development, but she has significant experience and a natural ability to take complex theory, models and systems and turn them into easy to understand, straight-forward practices at all levels of the organisation to drive true transformational change.

Teresa loves consulting with progressive organisations who really understand the power of good stakeholder relationships, and how these relationships can be a catalyst for lasting performance improvement and operational excellence.

Teresa is also a real advocate for women in the workplace and particularly those in senior leadership roles; as such, she voluntarily mentors and coaches a number of women from not-for-profit organisations who are hoping to move into leadership roles. A passionate, warm and funny Keynote Speaker, Teresa often talks at large events on the subjects that matter to her including her company, her specialist fields and her work with women.