“Safety needs to be approached very differently in different environments. Healthcare has many different types of activity and clinical settings and so we cannot use one primary model. We have very limited safety strategies for dealing with the day to day realities of healthcare. People adapt and cope, but on an individual basis rather than with a considered, team-based strategy. Developing considered approaches to the management of risk in such situations is a priority for the next phase of safety.”
Charles Vincent & Rene Amalberti – ‘Safer Healthcare, Strategies for the Real World’ (Safer Healthcare)

Healthcare’s inherent variation across the various services means that one model of safety does not fit all domains, and Medled is uniquely positioned to provide a wide-angle lens on improving Patient Safety across the spectrum of healthcare.

Our dedicated core team & network of highly skilled associates come from a wide range of industries, including from across the spectrum of healthcare. This diversity provides a broad perspective on safety & performance, understanding what can be learnt and translated (not transplanted!) from across a multitude of industries and environments.

If you want your systems, teams and people to perform at their best, then you need to work with the best:

Team Dynamics & Human Performance

  • Our expertise in Human Performance & High Performing Teams is grounded in decades of research and experience in Elite Sport and Performance Psychology

Designing for People

  • Our expertise in Human Factors & Ergonomics is provided by appropriately qualified Chartered Ergonomists

High Performance Training

  • Teaching and coaching are highly skilled professions in their own right – our training methodology is developed by specialists in these domains. We deliver learning, not instruction.

Training and Consultancy team

Do you want to challenge the status quo and improve performance in healthcare?

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