Human Factors for Healthcare – Train the Trainer | 28th, 29th, 30th October 2020

About this course

Do you want to develop an in-house faculty that can drive forward not only an awareness of, but the practical application of Human Factors principles across your organisation?

Do you want to be able to develop a group that can take the lead on capturing the learning from the incredible challenges presented by Covid-19?

This unique distance-learning course will enable attendees to both integrate the principles of Human Factors and Performance Science into their existing training, as well as run short courses on ‘An Introduction to Human Factors for Healthcare’.

This course is delivered via Zoom by our expert trainers in a format designed to maximise learning retention and application of knowledge.

This course is designed specifically for healthcare professionals, utilising our unique ‘Wide Angle Lens’ approach. The course will enable attendees to both integrate the principles of Human Factors and Performance Science into their existing training, as well as run short courses on ‘An Introduction to Human Factors for Healthcare’. You will explore concepts such as;

  • Understanding the relationship between Human Factors, Culture & Safety
  •  Models of Safety and Performance: Can we apply one model to all of healthcare?
  • Systems thinking – looking beyond the individual
  • Just Culture – balancing accountability & safety
  • Safety II – bridging the gap between Work as Imagined and Work as Done
  • Human Performance in Practice – Unpicking the nature of Human Capabilities & Limitations
  • Components of High Performing Teams: Lessons from elite sport, across healthcare and other high risk industries
  • Leadership at all Levels – moving beyond ‘command and control’
  • Principles of Adult Learning

We will focus on helping you develop not only a practical understanding of these concepts, but knowing how to confidently share them across your organisation – whether that be through formal or informal teaching channels. The course will include a variety of delivery methods, helping you gain a better understanding of evidence-based strategies to spread awareness of these vital concepts with your colleagues.

The course comprises of 3 components;

  • Pre-course work to be completed remotely (this will be sent out after booking)
  • 3 days of face-face classroom teaching with our expert team.
  • Follow-up support via Zoom (2 x 30min sessions per person)

NB – If 4+ people from the same organisation book onto the same course, we will provide the follow-up support in the form of a half day bespoke workshop in person at your place of work – in a structure to best suit that group.

Package includes

  • Trainers Manual – Human Factors for Healthcare
  • Support materials (including ppt slides, practical exercises, videos, recommended reading, research evidence)
  • Course handouts
  • Rights for unlimited use of our materials in future training (within your organisation)
  • Relevant case studies
  • CPD Certification
  • Course will be facilitated by two of our highly skilled senior trainers – usually a combination of one with practical experience of applying human factors in a high risk/high performance setting and one of our Chartered Ergonomists (postgraduate qualification in HFE). All of our senior trainers have extensive experience in adult education
  • Maximum group size of 15


“I found the training program into Human Factors very interesting, informative and extremely well delivered. They delivered a wide range of topics which sparked many intelligent and engaged conversations in a relaxed environment allowing key points to be focussed on. It gave me a much better insight to the elements of Human Factors and more importantly, how they can be incorporated into the Trust to strengthen our quality improvement plan and change historical culture”.

“Since attending the course, we have developed a Human Factors working group, written a training package for staff which is relevant and relatable and trained the group of Quality, Governance and Assurance managers. Training will also be delivered to all Serious Investigation trained managers to better understand the root cause of the incident being investigated.”

  • The course will be facilitated by two of the Medled Senior Team
  • Those attending Train the Trainer need to have attended some form of Human Factors Training before – we recommend that they attend the 1 day introductory course the week before, and they get this at half price if they do.
  • Maximum of 15 delegates
  • 10% discount for an organisation booking 3 or more places