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MedLed's purpose is to positively impact healthcare systems and working conditions to give individuals the best possible opportunity to deliver the everyday excellence that matters on the front line.

Human Factors For Healthcare

Healthcare operates in urgent, high stakes situations, with considerable uncertainty and resource constraints, often with high degrees of complexity.

The goal of Human Factors For Healthcare (HFFH) is to create conditions that allow people to be and perform at their best, in a reliable, consistent and sustainable way.

Why MedLed?

The inherent variation across the various services that make up modern Healthcare means that one model of safety does not fit all domains. MedLed is uniquely positioned to provide a wide-angle lens to improve Patient Safety across the spectrum of healthcare.

We have a deep understanding of what can be learnt and translated, rather than simply transplanted, from across a multitude of industries and environments. This has led to the development of our unique Human Factors For Healthcare approach.

Our values

Our five principal values underpin the way we do business. They ensure MedLed continues to be an organisation that fosters meaningful relationships with all its stakeholders, and ultimately makes a positive impact on patient safety around the world.

Our team

MedLed's dedicated core team and network of highly skilled associates are drawn from a wide range of industries and lived experiences. They include clinicians, practitioners and professionals from across the spectrum of healthcare.

Our diversity provides an expansive perspective on safety and performance. This is then coupled with a deep understanding what can be learnt and translated, rather than simply transplanted, from other demanding environments.

Our partners

At MedLed we regularly collaborate with like-minded partners to provide additional expertise and experiences to our clients across healthcare, and to extend the reach of our Human Factors For Healthcare approach.

Your MedLed journey

As each training, project, programme and service is unique to the organisation we work with, your journey may differ depending on many factors such as whether we’ve worked together before, whether we’ve been through a tendering process already and the proposed length of our work together. Like our services, your journey will also be tailored to you.