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Implementation support

Our expert team can provide you with ongoing support and consultancy to embed the principles of Human Factors For Healthcare in practice within your organisation.

PSIRF implementation support

Alongside our NHS England approved PSIRF training, our expert team can provide you with ongoing support, coaching and consultancy to embed the principles of Human Factors For Healthcare and PSIRF in practice within your organisation alongside, or after, your training journey.

We’ll work with course organisers and participants to recognise areas for further training, coaching, practical implementation support and accountability. From 1-hour calls to 48-hour multi-use packages, your co-designed programme will be delivered flexibly and on-demand to support your organisation throughout the PSIRF implementation process.

MedLed also offers one-to-one coaching sessions to unlock what individuals involved in investigations are capable of. The MedLed team includes skilled, qualified and specialist coaches, including Chartered Psychologists, from a variety of backgrounds.

For further information please contact us.

As Human Factors lead at our hospital I have found the support of the MedLed team invaluable.

They have helped our Human Factors Hub and associates understand the concepts of safety in the complex environment of healthcare , including systems thinking, culture, psychological safety leadership models, and enabling healthcare staff to perform at their best for patient safety and quality. 

MedLed have also provided teaching on investigation of Patient Safety incidents to our Patient Safety team using a systems thinking approach and educated our senior leaders around the leadership aspects of safety and quality.

I would recommend them to others, especially as there is a broad range of skills within their team.

Sue Deakin
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & Human Factors Lead
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust