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MedLed has taken the latest thinking and best practice from multiple domains to create a new paradigm. One specifically designed for the complex and highly variable domains that make up modern healthcare. We call this Human Factors For Healthcare (HFFH).

Our education, consultancy and implementation services educate and enable organisations to bring out the best in their systems, teams and people everyday through HFFH.


Designed and developed by expert trainers, all MedLed courses are highly interactive, whether delivered online or in person. We carry professional accreditations from CPD UK and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors ensuring MedLed course curriculums remain research-led, rigorous and relevant to the realities of healthcare.

Implementation support

Our expert team can provide you with ongoing support and consultancy to embed the principles of Human Factors For Healthcare in practice within your organisation.

Keynote speakers

MedLed are regularly asked to speak at national and international healthcare and patient safety conferences and congresses, both in person and online.

Bespoke team development

Do you have a truly cohesive team or a collection of highly skilled individuals?

High performing teams are not simply a group of star players.

MedLed have a strong track record of developing high performing teams across a raft of industries.

Coaching and individual support

Coaching can help to unlock what your team are capable of. The MedLed team includes skilled, qualified and specialist coaches, including Chartered Psychologists, from a variety of backgrounds.

Human Factors Roadmaps

MedLed can work with you to develop your Human Factors Roadmap – your bespoke educational blueprint to help you build your own internal Human Factors capacity, enabling you to sustain everyday excellence