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Your MedLed journey

As each training, project, programme and service is unique to the organisation we work with, your journey may differ depending on many factors such as whether we’ve worked together before, whether we’ve been through a tendering process already and the proposed length of our work together. The planned route below (which you might refer to as a customer journey, project overview or mobilisation plan) is given as an illustration only. Like our services, your journey will also be tailored to you.

Italics denote the things we use and do to make your life easier!

1. Discovery call

  • A member of our team will have a short conversation with you to find out how MedLed can help you embed Human Factors into your organisation

  • You’ll be sent a Calendly diary invitation to find a time that works for you

  • We can have the conversation via telephone or via Zoom

  • We’ll share our Terms of Business outlining services, service levels and fees with you (if not already received and agreed)

  • After our call, a member of our team will email you any information requested during the conversation 

2. Exploration meeting

  • A member of our leadership team will then meet with you to have a deeper conversation about how our services align with your challenges and goals

  • You’ll be sent a Calendly diary invitation to find a time that works for you

  • We can have the meeting face-to-face, on the telephone or via Zoom

  • A formal service proposal then sent by email to you to read

3. Accept our service proposal

  • Agreement e-signed via DocuSign

4. Further scoping meeting

  • If appropriate we’ll meet with you again to co-create your training/project/programme/service, allowing the most relevant members of your team and ours to focus to get to know each other better, establish what a successful programme looks like and set relevant KPIs

  • For longer programmes, we’ll also work with you to identify your participant group based on our experience in implementing Human Factors for Healthcare

  • You’ll be sent a Calendly diary invitation to find a time that works for you

  • We can have the conversation face-to-face, on the telephone or via Zoom

5. Logistics

  • A member of our Operations team will be in touch with you to secure mutually agreeable dates and times for your training/project/programme/service

  • We’ll also ask you to confirm locations for any face-to-face elements

  • For modular courses we’ll ask you to provide a delegate list of names, roles and email addresses for all those intending to take part as we’ll send course materials and recordings directly to them for the duration of the programme via Google Drive

  • Behind the scenes we’ll be match-making our team to best meet your needs

6. Booking confirmation

  • For training delivery, a member of our Operations team will send you our booking confirmation email

  • For CPD short courses, you will receive a digital course flyer and participant joining instructions at the same time

  • For CPD short courses held virtually, we’ll also include a Zoom registration link. We ask that you forward this to your delegates and that they register their details no later than 48 hours before their course date. This allows us to provide a digital delegate list to our training team, and provide you with a verified attendance list after the course.

7. Learning needs survey

(Modular training services)

  • For our modular courses, all participants will be sent a pre-course learning needs questionnaire via Google Forms. It will take no more than 15 minutes to complete online. This helps us to make any tweaks to the course to better suit your particular group, and to get some understanding of individual learning needs. These should be submitted ahead of the first meeting

  • The MedLed faculty then meet to discuss necessary adaptations to the curriculum for your participant group based on the questionnaire responses

8. “Get to know you” session

(Hub development and modular training services)

  • For our higher level programmes, we will hold a “Get to know you” session. The aim is to establish a sense of trust that leaves all parties with the feeling that this training will be a two-way process

  • This usually lasts around 90 minutes and is held via Zoom to make the most of our time together

9. Service delivery 

  • When we're providing in-person services, a member of our Operations team will send you an email about a week before to check the final arrangements like arrival times, access arrangements and Covid-19 protocols 

Modular courses

  • Modular courses will be delivered via self study and live learning sessions, usually held at fortnightly intervals; these can be online via Zoom or in person

  • Prior to each week of learning, targeted self-study material will be sent directly to participants via link to Google Drive which will form the basis of the interactive sessions to follow. This will be a combination of essential pre-learning for the interactive sessions (using key research articles and case studies, TedX talks and videos) and further reading and resources to extend learning for participants who wish to pursue the subject matter at a deeper level (including additional reading, books, authors, references, articles etc).

  • Where live learning sessions are held online, participants will be sent a recording of the session via Google Drive and a modular feedback questionnaire via Google Forms within two days of the session.

  • The MedLed faculty will assess the feedback between each module before the next module commences

CPD short courses

  • In the case of virtual short courses held via Zoom, our trainers do not record the session as standard unless requested as we like participants to feel it's a safe space to speak and ask questions. We can record sessions so if you let a member of our Operations team know in advance, or at the start of the session via your trainer. We'll then send you a link to access and distribute shortly after the course finishes via Google Drive.


  • Each consultancy process and project will be unique to the nature of the work. 

  • We will use a combination of Calendly, email, telephone, Zoom, face to face meetings Google Drive and Google Forms to work with you to achieve your aims

10. Completion and Certification

(Training services)

  • For in-person courses, the trainer(s) will give all participants a QR code to scan at the end of the course to send them to the course feedback system which will direct them to the short feedback survey via Google Forms

  • Our Operations team will verify the attendance list with the training team whatever format the course takes. This can take up to 2 working days, after which a copy will be sent over to you via email for your records 

  • At the conclusion of any online training programme a member of our Operations team will directly email all participants (using the details they provided during the Zoom registration process or your delegate list) and ask them to complete a short feedback survey via Google Forms

  • The completion of this form will also generate an individual digital CPD certificate, which will then be verified against the attendance list and emailed out directly to the participant within 3 working days of submission

  • If you would like a summary copy of the feedback for your records please let our Operations team know. They will then send you a feedback summary sheet via email approximately two weeks after the course completion date

  • Where requested, we will also send out digital copies of course materials such as slides and reference links. These can be sent directly to participants or to a central administrative contact

  • For modular courses, course materials and recordings will be available via Google Drive for 6 months after the final live session

  • The MedLed team review all feedback submitted in order to improve our services and ensure we meet the agreed KPIs

11. Follow up support

  • After the programme is completed we remain on hand to support you. How this happens will be agreed with you and will once again be tailored based on what we’ve learnt together during the programme. Typical post-course activities include coaching and mentoring, implementation support and consultancy, assignments/projects, follow up tutorial sessions, connection to other Hub/Faculty groups involved in similar programs

  • A member of our leadership team will be in contact with you via telephone or email to discuss any next steps, and other ways we can support you on your Human Factors journey 

  • You can also sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep in touch