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Human Factors Roadmaps

MedLed can work with you to develop your Human Factors Roadmap – your bespoke educational blueprint to help you build your own internal Human Factors capacity, enabling you to sustain everyday excellence

This process starts with an interactive 1-day workshop for senior leaders and key stakeholders within your organisation. This can involve member(s) of the Executive Board, Leads for Patient Safety/Risk & Governance and a cross section of Clinical Leads, Education/Simulation Leads and Departmental Leads. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to take away a hugely valuable, comprehensive roadmap for integrating Human Factors For Healthcare, unique to your organisation.

During this session, you'll be introduced to the key concepts of Human Factors For Healthcare and the MedLed HFFH Roadmap template. Then, together with our highly experienced Human Factors Facilitators, you'll then trace the route from where you are now, through your own organisational needs and challenges, to where you want to be - an organisation leading the way in the integration of Human Factors.

Your Roadmap may include:

  • Establishing your own internal faculty

  • Identifying existing internal experience and exploring how this can be utilised most effectively

  • Strategies to raise awareness of Human Factors for all staff, and how to harness pockets of enthusiasm in your organisation

  • Ways to ensure staff are educated and enabled to improve their systems of work

  • Training and supporting Human Factors Champions and Patient Safety Champions

  • Developing a highly effective investigations team

  • Approaches to actively sharing patient safety learnings across the organisation

  • Building foundations for future sustainability

To start your Human Factors For Healthcare journey today, get in touch with our dedicated team