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Cognisco provide international clients in the private and public sectors with a range of competency-based employee assessments and consultancy services.

For over 20 years, Cognisco has provided companies in highly regulated environments unmatched levels of insight about their investment in people. They have developed multiple ways to measure competency, capability, and confidence. 

It is often the decisions employees make that have the potential to lead to a critical incident or present a reputational risk to the organisation. Cognisco designs and delivers customised online situational judgement assessments/tests (SJT). These are designed to be contextually relevant to the employee to assess their knowledge, application of knowledge and likely behaviour to identify who in the organisation is confidently knowledgeable. Furthermore, and more crucially, identify who is likely to make the wrong decision.

Cognisco create measures for competency management and provide people risk solutions via My*KNOW - their innovative assessment and competency management system. In addition to their SJT, these include training scheduling and expirations, evidencing towards skills passport and certification, observational measures against evidence statements and 360 degree feedback.

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