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A message from the MedLed team

Published on
19 March 2020
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2020 started out as a year with such promise – embarking on a number of exciting and ambitious programs both with forward thinking trusts across the UK and new clients in Canada and Singapore, and collaborating with our growing team of amazing associates.

As much as we looked on with concern at the news of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan, I don’t think any of us quite anticipated how quickly the impact would hit us here and quite how significant it would be.

As a business whose services rely almost entirely on face-face training, coaching and facilitation, we are facing a minimum of 2-3 months of complete shutdown of all delivery activity.

As testing as this will be for us and our team, it feels like nothing compared to the pressures being faced by those working within the health service, dealing with Covid-19 on top of an already stretched service.

Our thoughts and gratitude are with everyone working so hard to both deliver the care that is needed and on strategies to protect us from this threat.

We have taken the difficult decision to postpone our open courses in April – hopefully by now all delegates will have received notifications of this and will get new provisional dates as soon as they are arranged.

As disappointing as it is to postpone these courses, we feel that we have a responsibility to prioritise doing our part in ‘flattening the curve’.

Alongside these postponements, we will be contacting any clients with work commissioned directly (and not already cancelled or postponed) through until the end of May to discuss the best plan going forward.

As small a gesture as it might be, we hope that being as flexible as possible with postponements, finding new dates for training and investigating remote delivery options we can offer some small support to those facing tremendous challenges.

Whilst situations like this can generate fears that bring out the worst in people – and we need to show some understanding with those who behave in ways that we might consider irrational – they can also bring out the best in people, such as the community cards, and the many examples of local shops and pubs offering free deliveries for those in isolation.

We are privileged to work closely with incredibly dedicated, innovative and hard-working people – from the amazing teams across the healthcare industry, our partner businesses and of course our fabulous team.

Now more than ever we feel so grateful to be part of that community and hope we can all do our best to support one another and those in our home communities through this situation with kindness, understanding and empathy.

Our very best wishes to you all.